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$190M Will Be Paid By Johns Hopkins to the Women Patients Who Were Secretly Videotaped

According to the statements made by different lawyers on Monday, a gynecologist’s attempts of using tiny hidden cameras to record the photos and videos of his patients has pressurized a leading medical center to pay $190M to 8,000 girls and women patients.

Dr. Nikita Levy was immediately fired from Johns Hopkins Health System in Baltimore last year in February, after a female co-worker found a pen like camera around his neck and alerted the authorities in the medical center. He was a part of the medical center for around 25 years and had treated several female patients.

Dr. Nikita Levy

After a few days, Levy committed suicide as 140 images and 1,200 videos were found on his personal computer at home by federal investigation.

Jonathan Schochor, the lead attorney, stated, “All of these women were brutalized by this. Some of these women needed counseling, they were sleepless, they were dysfunctional in the workplace, they were dysfunctional at home, and they were dysfunctional with their mates. This breach of trust, this betrayal — this is how they felt.”

The settlement amount would surely close the case but has threatened the reputation of the medical center.



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