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24 Hour Cease Fire Accepted By Palestinians

The Israel-Hamas war has been going on since last 3 weeks now and despite of all the international efforts taken by different countries from around the world, Gaza remains under firing of rockets and blasting noises. Israel has hit government buildings, symbols as well as television station of Hamas militant group in the coastal enclave.


This has been stated as one of the most intense bombardments of the war in order to dismantle the rocket launching capabilities of the group and destruct the tunnel network that has been used by Palestinian militants to funnel fighters as well as weapons into Israel.

After all the damages caused to each other, Palestine Liberation Organization has proposed a 24 hour humanitarian cease fire. However, Sami Abu Zuhri, the spokesman of Hamas stated that there is a resistance to announce the position of Hamas on truce.

Abu Zuhri said, “When we get an Israeli commitment with international guarantees regarding a humanitarian truce, then we will study it. But to declare a unilateral cease-fire while the occupying forces are killing our children, this will not be.”

In no way Hamas belongs to PLO since the organization has a Hamas rival, President Maumoud Abbas’ Fatah faction.

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