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6 Protestors Arrested As They Clash Over Immigration

On 4th of July, six of the protestors were arrested due to the immigration debate clash outside Murrieta, California. It took place in outside the US Border Patrol Station in this location. Here, the busses carried some of the migrants from Central America who were flooding the border of US Mexico.

This was not the first demonstration in this location. It was the second one in this week after the protestors   blocked the busses that carried migrant adults as well as the children and forced them to go rerouted.

According to Jon Flavin, the police lieutenant in Murrieta, the police had to arrest 6 people on Friday. Early in the morning of the same day, one of the protestors was arrested as he disobeyed the police officer.

Approximately 200 people gathered at the station with signs and screamed at each other a lot of times. One of the banners that people held read something like: “Proud LEGAL American. It does not work any other way.” Whereas another board had: “Against illegal immigration? GREAT! Then go back to Europe!” One of the board even had: “No human is ILLEGAL!” depicting the frustration of being known as ‘illegal immigrants’ again and again.

The protesters, in this demonstration, came from the southland to shout against the arrivals of illegal or undocumented immigrants from another location to Murrieta. To bring a fruitful result to the protest, three of the arriving buses were made to turn back and this seemed like a victory for the protestors. However, according to Rick Dudley, the city manager of Murrieta, this was no victory for the protestors. In fact, it was more like a way which made the others feel that this city has a bunch of heartless people who neither care nor know the meaning of humanity.



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