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An Escort Kills One of Her Clients with Heroin in San Francisco

A call girl has been charged by the police under the case of manslaughter in heroin overdose death of one of her clients, who was an executive who worked for Google. His death took place on his private yacht on which she accompanied him.

Alix Catherine Tichelman, 26, is the call girl who has been accused for supplying the drug ‘heroin’ to one of her clients named Forrest Timothy Hayes, 51. After the overdose, she failed to help him as he fell unconsciousness, suffering from the excessive intake of the drug.


The Deputy Chief of Santa Cruz police, Steve Clark, states that Hayes passed away on 23rd November on his 50 foot long yacht named Escape, in the Santa Cruz harbor.

The police also stated that the prostitute had a strong and constant prostitution relationship with the victim who died due to the overdose.

According to the footage of the yacht, Hayes suffered from medical complications due to which he fell unconscious, as said by the police.

At this time, instead of calling out for help or personally helping Hayes, Tichelman collected her belongings along with the needles as well as the remaining heroin, stepped over the body of Hayes to finish his drink and quietly lowered the blinds in order to hide the dead body, as added by the police.

They police also said that the prostitute had no sympathy for her client and she showed no sign of assistance to him to provide him with any sort of comfort or aid to help him come out of his suffering due to the overdose.

The very next morning, the captain of the boat found Hayes’ body.

The authorities caught Tichelman by posing as a client with an offer of $1,000 for sex. Ticherman had been living in Folsom, Calif, with her parents.

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