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Arizona Murderer Dies Two Hours After the Execution Began

Arizona: The condemned inmate of Arizona snorted for around an hour and a half at the time of his execution of Wednesday. He then died in an episode, adding the scrutiny surrounding death penalty.

Tom Horne, the attorney general of Arizona stated that Joseph Rudolph Wood’s death was announced at 3:49 PM, approximately two hours after his execution began.

Arizona Murderer Dies

The lawyers of Wood filed an emergency appeal to the Supreme Court of United States as the execution was in progress. They demanding it to be stopped, stated that Wood was “gasping and snorting for more than an hour.”

According to the reports, Justice Anthony M. Kennedy did not accept the appeal that was made half an hour after the death of Wood.

Wood gasped for more than 600 times before dying. According to Dale Baich, the defense lawyer, the execution was carried on in a careless manner and the court should have given at least 10 minutes to the victim.

On the other hand, the victims’ family members stated that they had no problems with the progress of the execution.

Richard Brown, one of the witnesses of the murders, said, “This man conducted a horrifying murder and you guys are going, ‘Let’s worry about the drugs.”


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