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Arthur Storm Moves To Southeast Canada

Vacationers in Maine have lost all the hopes to have a good time in this location due to the Cyclone Arthur, which was already predicted to appear. The forecasters had warned the beach goers to remain away from the beaches as this cyclone was already predicted to hit several locations.

Arthur reached the different parts of eastern Maine as well as southeastern Canada with heavy rains along with harsh winds on Saturday. This storm was swept away from the southern parts of New England.

On Saturday morning, this storm weakened and turned into a tropical storm. Earlier, it reached the hurricane status of Category 2 and fell on the outer banks of North Carolina on Thursday. Due to this storm, the tourists had to suffer and be disappointed as their plans for the 4th of July shattered.

Generally, major storms and hurricanes cause a lot of problems and damages to people. However, there was no major damage caused to any part of North Carolina due to this hurricane. According to the U.S. National Hurricane Centre, it soon traveled to the northeast locations and on the morning of Saturday, it was centered around 80 km Northwest of Yarmouth, a Canadian town.

According to Daniel Brown, who is a senior hurricane specialist working at the U.S. National Hurricane Centre, the hurricane lost some amount of strength and dropped down to 65 mph winds. He also stated that it has a fall in its tropical characteristics and has turned into a wintertime type low, which can’t cause much of damage.

According to certain unofficial reports received by the Weather Service, 5 inches of rain has been observed in the eastern locations of Maine.

The highway between the Hatteras Island and the mainland is currently blocked. However, it is expected to be reopened by Sunday.

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