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California Shootings Lead To Three Deaths

Before surrendering, a gunman shot five people, killing three and severely wounding the other two, in California. This shooting took place on Saturday afternoon.

When the department received several 911 calls from the residents, it responded and found a man in the house shooting indiscriminately at everyone who passed by. According to Lt. Vasken Gourdikian, who is in the Pasadena Police Department, the man fired heavily upon the officers as well, who came into the scene after a certain period of time, in order to stop him from shooting at everyone.


After a certain period of time, on the very same day, the police forced the gunman to surrender himself. He was immediately taken into the custody so that the situation could be brought under control.

Later, he was identified as John Izeal Smith of Pasadena. According to the police, he was responsible for murdering three people. The victims were not identified by the gunman or the police themselves.

Gourdikian stated that the reason behind Smith’s shooting and his connection with the victims who died or were injured has yet not been found. The police are still trying to find out Smithi’s motive behind shooting all the passing people. Two other people have been injured badly.

This is not the first shooting that has happened in California. This year seems to be worse than the last one when it comes to random and indiscriminate shootings happening all over the state. No matter how hard the police try to get the situations under control, something or the other happens in one or the other locations in the same state. Out of all the shootings that take place in the state, there are a very few gunmen who have their own set of reasons behind killing others. On the other hand, there are also a few charged criminals who have no reasons to shoot at all.

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