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Clarification of Hillary Clinton States That the Speaking Fees Are Donation to Charity

There has been a new issue rotating the life of Hillary Clinton, wherein the students stated that she charges an ‘outrageous’ speaking fees. The former secretary of the state, Hillary Clinton, then stated that she charges the fees to have it arranged for the charity: The Clinton Foundation. This proved to be a greater explanation for the fees she has always been charging to the students.

This storm accused the Clinton family of having several personal finances which made the former Secretary of the State confess that she and her husband, Bill Clinton, the former president, were completely broke in the year 2001, when they finally left the White House.

The republicans tried to frame various comments on Hillary Clinton’s responses to their accusations. They said she would have been the wealthiest potential candidates currently, if she had to run the Presidency in the year 2016.

A recent survey depicts that 55% of the American citizens believe that Clinton can correlate with the problem spread in the average American today. Although she is trying to calm down the storm, people have a different picture about her and her husband, altogether.

The American college students are feeling terrible about the tuition rise as the employment opportunities are lesser and they need to do something or the other to pay the increasing tuition fees.

Hillary Clinton stated that the students are not worried about what she speaks; they are rather worried about their own lives and problems as they are unable to understand how to gather enough funds to pay the college fees and hence she is being accused for charging high fees. In fact, she stated that this is a kind of debate that she is having with the entire country at the moment.

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