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Costa Concordia to Be Scrapped

The luxury liner Costa Concordia’s wreck was refloated on Monday, to have it towed away for the process of scrapping it down. It capsized off the coast of Italy two and a half years earlier and killed 32 people in the incident.

This ship was once a gleaming white 290 meter beauty that carried a lot of people on it who wished to enjoy the Tuscan Holiday Island’s Giglio’s nature and scenic appearance. Currently, it has transformed into a rusty hulk that rested on a temporary platform from more than a year now.

Costa Concordia to Be Scrapped

The ship’s movements were once said to be breathtaking as it floated itself on the water, lifting itself up, facing the skies. Currently, it silently waits for its turn to be scrapped as its punishment for have killed so many people.

According to Franco Porcellacchia, who is the engineer in charge of the ship, currently the boat is floating with the sponsons attached.

Francesco Shettino, the captain of the ship, is accrued of manslaughter and he is currently fighting against the accusations made on him. He has been charged with sailing too close to the shore in order to salute the port and then abandoned the ship, leading to the deaths of a lot of people.

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