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Israel Prime Minister Speaks To Father of Dead Palestinian Teen

Not a few days have passed since the Palestinian teen had been killed in Israel brutally. The issue took a major form and protestation activities from both Palestinians and Israeli people were performed. People of both sides were killed and injured in the series of activities that took place after this incident. Though the government of Israel has been trying its best to get things on track once again. Recently even the prime minister of Israel had a word with that teen’s father and gave him assurance that his son’s killers will be given worst possible punishment. Please note that Mohammed Abu Khudair, age 16 was burnt some time back, police found his body in a very bad condition in a forest of Jerusalem last week.

Police has arrested six Jews as suspects of his murder which according to police could be a revenge attack for the killing and abduction of 3 Jewish men.  According to reports, prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said to the dead Palestinian teen’s father Hussein Abu Khudair,” I and entire Israel express shock on your son’s contemptible murder. I assure you that the people responsible for it will be punished in worst possible way.”

Suspects will be brought into the hearing and then their punishment will be decided. Although when reporters tried to contact with the family of Mohammed Abu Khudair, no comment was made by them. The issue has taken much more hype than anticipated by the government of Israel; hence people responsible for the Palestinian teen are likely to be given severe punishment.

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