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Malaysian Flight Incident Is a Wakeup Call for Ukraine Conflict According To Obama

According to the extended remarks given by President Obama on the downing of the Malaysian airliner on Friday, it is confirmed that at least one U.S citizen has lost his life in this global tragedy, which serves as a “wake-up call” to put an end to the conflict in Ukraine.


The one who was killed in the downing of the plane was a U.S. and Ditch dual citizen named Quinn Schansman, traveling on the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 that left Amsterdam on Thursday and downed in a field near the eastern border of Ukraine with Russia. He was one of those 298 people who got killed due to the missile attack on the aircraft.

“We don’t have time for propaganda. We don’t have time for games. We need to know exactly what happened”, are the words of President Obama over this incident and a mourning message for the U.S. citizen who lost his life. “Their deaths are an outrage of unspeakable proportions”, he added.

According to the President, the tragedy was nothing but a result of various months of the disastrous conflict that has been carried on by the Russian assistance.




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