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Militia Clashes in Tripoli Leads To Evacuation of Libya Embassy

If you see photographs of this location, you may be shocked to notice a huge cloud of smoke rising over the Airport Road area resulting from the heavy clash that has taken place between rival militias. Libya embassy was evacuated early Saturday, under the protection of American spy aircraft as well as warplanes.

According to Associated Press, which reported the move for the first time, the embassy personnel were evacuated as there was a deterioration of security in the capital of Tripoli.


Surveillance planes provided proper watch and security during evacuation process, along with warplanes that patrolled in providing close air support.

Tripoli streets have turned chaotic. Fighting between armed militias have killed as well as injured several people in the last few weeks. Militias are paid by the government and have been fighting to control the airport of the city.

Benghazi, the second largest city of Libya, has already been abandoned by United Nations and non- governmental organizations. During the month of September, 2011, militants killed four Americans, including Christopher Stevens, the ambassador.

In most of the violent fights that have taken place in the city, al-Qaeda linked groups are said to be involved, according to the reports.



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