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More Than 60 Shootings in Chicago Kills Nine People on July 4th Weekend

The city of Chicago has had its one of the most violent weekends ever wherein eleven people were killed and 60 were wounded in a gun fight. Although the murder rate is lowers in last 50 years, the drug related shootings as well as gang violence have turned out to be routines for this Windy City. People have now started calling it a War Zone, especially due to the gun violence that took place during the weekend of Fourth of July.

The police chiefs have promised the citizens to track down every detail and person related to the gun violence that occurred in the home city of President Obama.

Out of the people who died, two were teenagers and one was a woman. However, the other two victims died during the shootout done by the police. This year, more than 100 people have been killed in Chicago due to 500 different shooting incidents that have always come into the limelight of media. This city is now popular to give news to the newspapers and turn into headlines for the kind of gun violence the people here suffer from.

On the night of Friday, a gunman fired a group of friends in this city. He was stopped to fire by a veteran who carried a concealed weapon with himself.

People now live in the fear of watching a live gun shooting, getting wounded in a gun fight or even losing their lives due to a gun violence that can occur any time in this city. Due to this fear, the peace of this city has been hampered and hence people are not afraid to even step out of their houses. This proves that their freedom has been negatively affected due to such repeatedly occurring gun violence.

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