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Plan to Sue President Barack Obama Has Been ‘Okayed’

In Washington, the republican plan to hold a lawsuit against President Barack Obama has been approved by the House. The president has been accused of exceeding bounds of his constitutional authority and hence to put limits to his approaches, the republicans wish to sue him. On this, the president states that it is nothing but a political stunt undertaken by the republicans and hence he is okay with the decisions taken.


Right a day before the lawmakers were about to begin the five week summer recess, there was a debate over the proposed lawsuit. It is stated that the partisan tone has been dominating the current Congress from initial months of the year 2013.

The vote to sue president Obama was 225-201. Five of the conservative republicans voted to oppose the lawsuit. No democrats placed a vote for the same.

According to the republicans, the legal action focuses on the implementation of prized health care overhaul of the president. The republicans wish to prevent a limitless power authority for the president due to which they have proposed to sue him.

To begin with approval of the lawsuit, John Boehner, the house speaker, said, “Are you willing to let any president choose what laws to execute and what laws to change?”


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