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Pot licenses to be issued by Washington

The law has legalized the recreational use of marijuana in Washington. It took the final step to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes on Monday, when the officials started issuing licenses to the retail stores that could begin with the sale of cannabis after a day’s time.

The regulators of the state have agreed the retail applications for marijuana by 334 stores. Only 20 stores, as of now, are going to open on Tuesday with its sale. Washington State Liquor Control Board stated that several applicants could not pass the inspections and some of the municipalities have also put bans on retail pot sales.

Currently, the state has issued 24 licenses on Monday, this week, and several other stores are expected to open as their applications are signed by the inspectors.

After Colorado, Washington is said to be the second state to allow the sales of recreational marijuana to adults under a tax system that the voters agreed in the month of November, 2012.

Under federal law, possession of marijuana is not legal but the U.S. Justice Department has stated that it will not enter the states that have effective enforcement as well as regulatory systems on the citizens.

The business is all set to be started once a retailer has his marijuana license. He can then open up his shop after 24 hours of receiving the license as this much time is needed to have the marijuana delivered to the shop. However, the retailers are told to scan the barcoded inventory and also to enter the data into a system that is tracked by a computer.

Customers are allowed to buy 1 ounce of marijuana. However, they can also buy 16 ounces of marijuana. There are still suggestions by a lot of other states that marijuana consumption is dangerous to health and must be avoided.

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