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“Redistricting Ruling” Would Not Be Challenged By the Florida Lawmakers

The legislative leaders in Florida would not be seeking reversal of the ruling of state judge presented last week stating that the boundaries of two congressional districts are not legal and need to be redrawn.

According to Don Gaetz, who is the state Senate President, and Will Weatherford, the house speaker, no appeal would be made by them for Tallahassee Judge Terry Lewis’ decision, which was taken on 10th of July. They want him to state how soon the district lines require to be revised and how are they expected to go ahead with the ruling.


Immediate redistricting will have adverse effects on the elections of 2014. For these elections, 63,000 Florida military as well as overseas voters are all set to cast absentee ballots, depending on the current map, as stated by the legislators.

Gaetz and Weatherford stated, “We have asked Judge Lewis to clarify, as a legal and practical matter, that his decision does not affect the administration of the 2014 election.” This statement proves that the lawmakers in Florida have no intentions to go against the ruling and have all their supports for the redistricting decision taken by the Judge.


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