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Replace Handshakes with Fist Bumps to Avoid Germs

You may wonder why we are suggesting to avoid handshakes but a recent study states that there are higher risks of exchanging germs from handshakes than in fist bumps. Therefore, it talks about ditching handshakes for fist bumps so that people are able to prevent spreading illness.

Aberystwyth University in Wales’s researchers used two sterile gloves for the study. Out of the two gloves, one was coated in a non-pathogenic E. coli. Bacteria film. Later, it was tested how much bacteria from infected globe transferred to the cleaner one while the participants greeted each other with fist bumps, popularly known as high-fives and with handshakes.


The findings were published in American Journal of Infection Control’s August edition stating that a handshake transfers 10 times more bacteria than in fist bumping and two times greater than a high-five.

According to the head of Environmental Health and Food Safety at Ministry of Health, Joseph Katabarwa, this study is a very important one to all. In an interview on Wednesday, he said, “Even today, I had a meeting with local leaders where we were discussing the effects of handshakes.”

The first author of the study, Sara Mela, who is also a PhD student at Aberystwyth University, stated that they do not want the death of handshakes. However, they want them to adopt safer methods to greet each other.


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