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Shark Attacks a Swimmer off Californian coast

Recently a shark attacked a swimmer off California coast. It was not a natural act as an unknown fishermen threw a hook in ocean, and shark was caught in that. Though he was not able to hunt the shark, but he pissed it. And the one who had to pay for fisherman’s mistake was the poor swimmer. Shark tried its best to free itself from fisherman’s hook but everything went in vain. It not only distressed it, but also made it attack on swimmer. The act took place when 15 fishermen went near the shark to free it, but one of the fishermen named Robles (40 year old) got caught in the fishing line.

Though he survived in this attack, but shark bit his rib cage’s one side. The incident took place around 9.30 AM at Manhattan Beach in southern California. According to some of the witnesses who saw this act live, the shark was opening and closing its mouth quite frequently as if it was trying to release itself from hook. Robles was rescued soon after shark attacked on him, one of the fishermen cut the line and freed him. The injuries were not that serious and he was quite cautious on the way to hospital.

A lifeguard at the beach said that often sharks were seen near the beach, but he hardly had seen any of them got pissed and attack someone like this incident. Soon after this incident, shark went deep inside the ocean, but authorities prohibited any fishing activity in the ocean till Tuesday as soon as they came to know about this incident.

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