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The Cause behind Firefighter’s Death is Resolved

Recently a US firefighter got trapped in fire and died which left the entire crew with tears in eyes. He was trying to find victims who were trapped inside of a burning public-house when this incident took place. The firefighter named Lt. Gordon Ambelas was trying to rescue people on 19th floor of a 21 story building on Saturday in Williamsburg section of Brooklyn.

According to the Mayor Bill de Blasio,” We lost a real hero who was always ready to take new challenges. Gordon was an important part of our system and we will miss him both as a person and as an official.” Mayor also added,” When he didn’t come out of the building for a long time and stopped giving response to his fellow firefighters, then others went inside and found him unconscious. They tried to give him primary treatment and took to nearby hospital, but doctors declared him dead at the hospital.”

Daniel Nigro, the fire commissioner said,” Gordon went inside to check if any alive person was there, but when he didn’t come out for a very long time, his fellows went inside to check. But by the time they found him, it was already too late.” According to reports, Gordon is the first to die in last two years, previous guy died fighting blaze was Lt. Richard A. Nappi. He died in April 2012. Since the terrorist attack in year 2001, Gordon is the 18th men to die fighting blaze. Please note that back then in 2001, around 343 firefighters perished saving their country. This death shows that US fire fighters are always ready to put their own life on stack for people’s lives.

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