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U.S. Former President Calls for AIDS-Free Generation for the World

AIDS-free. He states that this can be done by working together as a team to increase the pace and scale of HIV prevention as well as treatment efforts for different people that have this condition around the world.

According to Mr. Clinton, one of the major problems in putting an end to AIDS epidemic is early detection. “New data from 51 countries suggests 70 percent of HIV-related deaths could have been prevented. The evidence continues to build that early treatment helps prevent further transmissions”, he stated on Wednesday in the 20th International AIDS Conference held in Melbourne.

Bill Clinton

There are more than 35 million people suffering from HIV around the globe out of which only 13 million of them have an access to ART (antiretroviral treatment). Annually, two million people get infected with this disease, including 20,000 children and infants.

“We are here on this 20th anniversary of the conference to celebrate so much of the progress that has been made because the world has made the right decision to fight against AIDS and to create a generation free of it,” added Mr. Clinton that made the participants applause enthusiastically.



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