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Wetlands Dispute Once Again Touches Boundaries of Hutterite Colony

According to reports, one federal wildlife agency has decided to sue a Hutterite colony which is located in Willow Lake. The main reason behind this step of federal wildlife agency is because Hutterite colony has not abided a 36-year-old easement which requires property-owners to leave the wetlands of property intact.

According to Argus Leader, the federal wildlife agency has asked Hutterite Colony to restore the wetlands of property and also pay attention to easement that has been there on properties of that area since 2005; the time when this colony was first purchased. When reporters tried to contact wildlife agency, a spokesperson of the company opened his mouths and said,” The Hutterite colony has failed to follow the rules and violated easement in every possible way by restoring wetlands and refusing to remove drain tile.”

Authorities say that Hutterite colony put drain tiles along with protected wetland areas and has been doing it since very long, but when asked from the management of the colony, it denied to comment and said that those areas were never wetlands. The agency want to do everything on its own terms and conditions which is not acceptable, says Joe Waldner; colony’s boss. He further added,” We even offered to transfer easement to other wetland areas of property, but the agency refused to accept it and even denied to work with us which is shocking for all of us.”

“I don’t want to enter into all these legal matters, I don’t even seek for lawsuit, but I will go to court if I have to for protecting our rights” He further said.

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