Beware of giant spiders in Wisconsin

The picture of this huge Spidy was uploaded by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The image has created excitement in the spider lovers and some of the audience is scared of this fact. The University of Wisconsin has stated that these spiders have the ability to grow several inches long.

Though the doctors claim that these spiders are harmless, the people who have Arachnophobia will not digest this belief. The aim behind posting the picture on Facebook was to collect the information if any resident has found such a huge spider in their yard.

Recently, a picture of a large spider was uploaded to Facebook, that has gained a lot of popularity

Recently, a picture of a large spider was uploaded to Facebook, that has gained a lot of popularity

The image was then rolled 10,000 times with more than 2,000 comments. As expected, the DNR received more reports of these fishing spiders rather the report of last year. According to one of the spider experts – Michael Draney said; “Fishing spiders are one of our native species of spider,” Williams told WTMJ. “Most people never see fishing spiders because they’re very well camouflaged, but they’re out there hunting.”

The DNR confirmed that these spiders can only prey on fish and tadpoles, causing no harm to the humans. In the rare cases, if they bite the humans, there is nothing to worry as these are not poisonous.

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