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Cancer Patients Undergo a Huge Amount of Depression, Which Is Unnoticed

Unfortunately, there is no professional treatment of depression in cancer patients, mentioned by the researchers of few renowned universities.  According to the study, 6 percent to 13 percent of cancer patients do not get professional help for their depression.

The study also stated that depression was more common in patients suffering from lung cancer. The difficulty of eating, sleeping, breathing and socializing, keeps them away from happiness and they feel frustrated about this.


Along with the physical pain, cancer patients undergo a severe emotional stress, which needs clinical attention.

One of the researchers mentioned in his comments; “Major depression is common in patients attending cancer clinics and most goes untreated. A pressing need exists to improve the management of major depression for patients attending specialist cancer services.”  The doctors have considered this report by researchers, that involved 500 patients and thus, finding ways to counsel these patients. Proper measures will be taken to reduce the number of depression scores.

More comments added in the report by the researchers stated; “We’ve described a new approach to managing depressed cancer patients that is based on the shortcomings of usual care and integrated with cancer care that really has quite spectacular effects in the good prognosis patients and also has efficacy in the poor prognosis patients.”


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