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Say ‘NO’ To Salt in Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

The study involved the urine and blood samples of more than 50 people, who suffered from relapsing symptoms of MS. It was observed that the increased levels of salt in their blood and urine, contributed to the recurrence of Multiple Sclerosis symptoms.

The test was conducted in separate cycles for a period of nine months and the effects with changes were monitored. These changes were tracked in the patients who had a high intake of salt in their dietary habits.

A diet with an intake of more salt, would worsen the MS symptoms

A diet with an intake of more salt, would worsen the MS symptoms

Despite the conclusion and studies made, the researchers have suggested not to rely completely on this observation, as they are yet to conclude whether the increased intake of salt had a direct connection with the changes in MS symptoms.

The findings were noted in the British medical journal and the researchers are still tracking the observations timely to come to a final conclusion. Whether there is any connection with the salt intake and MS symptoms, it is still recommended that the consumption of salt should be minimized. More consumption of salt has many other side effects related to bones, which may imbalance the immune system of the body.

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