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Spiders residing in urban areas are healthier and bigger

The study consists of a collection of 222 mature female golden orb-weaving spiders, which are commonly found in urban and natural environment. The team observed the differences in the size, weight, fat reserves and height of these spiders and compared these components with the initial data and findings.

The team discovered that these spiders have better reproductive abilities and larger bodies, compared to their relatives in the countryside.

One of the scientists – Elizabeth Lowe shared her findings with the BBS news and said; “Hard surfaces and lack of vegetation lead to the well-known ‘urban heat island’ effect, with more heat retained than in areas with continuous vegetation. The high temperature is associated with increased growth and size in invertebrates. This increase in prey would result in bigger, heavier, more fecund spiders. By gaining a better understanding of the impacts of urbanization on wildlife in cities, we can work towards creating healthy, functioning ecosystems in urban areas.”

A team of researchers spent weeks to know more about orb-weaving spiders and found some changes in the size and habitat of these spiders in Australia

A team of researchers spent weeks to know more about orb-weaving spiders and found some changes in the size and habitat of these spiders in Australia

Lowe also commented that they would continue to monitor the health and growth of these spiders for some more time, so that their firm findings would further help in the study of urban spiders in medical journals.

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