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Tattoos No More a Fun as Per the FDA Warning

The FDA – Food and Drug administration, has recently urged the people to check the bottle of the tattoo ink, while buying the home tattoo kits and before entering the parlours.  As per the report, a California company recalled its tattoo ink bottles, due to a bacterial contamination found in those closed bottles.

Skin infections have been reported and the company – White and Blue Lion Inc. has admitted the knowledge of the bacterial presence in the ink, which might have been used by those parlours.  Despite the people getting tattoos from the most clean places and areas, there is a chance that the bacteria might flow through the bloodstream through a process named Sepsis.


Tainted tattoo Ink will drop tattoo business and shut down many tattoos parlours

Common symptoms of this skin infection are; body shivering and sweats, fever, redness, swelling and blisters, followed by excessive pain.

As of now, FDA has informed the people to check the brand and the ink of the tattoos, in case they are still interested to proceed with this art. At the same time, people are requested to be more conscious while buying any home tattoo kits as the ink might carry bacterial infection in those bottles too.

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