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World Health Organization: 61 New Deaths and 163 New Cases of EBOLA

It seems like the deadly virus Ebola is spreading rapidly in West Africa, as stated by WHO, which has given new numbers of people who are infected or died due to the virus.

The virus was detected in the month of March and since then; it has killed 887 people in West African nations of Sierra, Guinea, Leone, Nigeria and Liberia.


In an update on Monday, WHO clearly stated that the toll from virus outbreak spreading in the West African nations have risen up to 1,663 cases and 887 deaths. By the end of the week (1st of August) 163 new cases and 61 deaths have been reported due to this deadly virus, as stated by the health agency.

Although there is no medicine especially created to treat or be protected from Ebola, supportive case includes maintenance of fluids in the body.

In Liberia, two Americans got infected with the virus and they have been brought back to U.S. for treatment. In isolation, different medical experts are trying their best to improve their health. To a certain extent, they may be showing some signs of improvement due to additional experimental treatments that they are being given with.


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