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France announces tough rules for smokers

France is amongst those countries, who is contributing to join anti smoking laws. The government of France has announced stricter laws for redesigning the cigarette packets, that will be less attractive.

Many proposals and campaigns have been made to introduce bans on cigarette smoking. The health minister – Marisol Touraine said; “In France, 13 million adults smoke every day, and it is getting worse. The number of smokers is growing, especially among young people.”

This is not something new. Many countries are now joining hands to take an oath of eradicating the habit of smoking. Smoking increased an alarming rate of cancer suffering patients, which has pressurized the government to make stricter laws to reduce the rate of lung cancers.

Tobacco has adverse effects on health and despite knowing the facts, it is difficult for people to control smoking. Thus, there is a need for rehabilitation centers and more programs, which can help the smokers who are willing to quit smoking.

France is playing a major role in helping the smokers to quit smoking

France is playing a major role in helping the smokers to quit smoking

More countries who are willing to join this movement include; USA, Australia and UK. This project will surely show positive results to eliminate smoking from the society at large.

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