A new study found a new route to Graphene Synthesis

Graphene has been known as the ‘magical material’, for its powerful strength and ability to conduct electricity and heat better than any other material.

If Graphene is manufactured at an industrial level, this would be a boon, as it could be used to make everything from flexible to efficient solar cells. Researchers have tried a long way to develop material for an industrial use.

Finally, the invention has been successful. Now, Graphene layers can be used to make single sheets without causing any breakage or damage. One of the science professors – Thomas E. Mallouk said; “There are lots of layered materials similar to graphene with interesting properties, but until now we didn’t know how to chemically pull the solids apart to make single sheets without damaging the layers.”

The scientists have been through a good amount of struggle in manufacturing graphene on an industrial scale

The scientists have been through a good amount of struggle in manufacturing graphene on an industrial scale

Mallouk also added; I kept asking her to try it and she kept saying no. Finally, we made a bet, and to make it interesting I gave her odds. If the reaction didn’t work I would owe her $100, and if it did she would owe me $10. I have the ten dollar bill on my wall with a nice Post-it note from Nina complimenting my chemical intuition.”

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