Galaxy Note 4 launch: Southeast Asia first, Europe second

Samsung revealed its global launch plans for the Galaxy Note 4 today, explaining which countries the phone will be available in and when.


The Galaxy Note 4 will be available in Thailand on October 13. As to the rest of Southeast Asia: India (Oct. 10), Singapore (Oct. 11), Myanmar (Oct. 15), Cambodia (Oct. 17), Vietnam (Oct. 24), and Laos, Indonesia and the Philippines on Oct. 25.
The new phone will be launched in Australia and Europe only later, on Oct. 17. Samsung is also bringing the device to parts of South America and Africa around the same time. The graphic is approximate, and it’s difficult to extract the exact dates, but it gives a general sense of timeline for each region.

The Galaxy Note 4 is a much expected release that should satisfy Samsung fans. It is Samsung’s response to Apple’s iPhone 6. Together, Apple and Samsung control about 55% of the mobile market. The new Note 4 handset offers cutting-edge hardware including a 2K 5.7-inch display, a Snapdragon 805 processor, a massive 3220mAh battery and a metallic border design. It also features some impressive software for running multiple apps on-screen at once with side-by-side view or smaller floating windows.


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