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Peshmerga Forces Make Reconnaissance Visit to Kobane

Action is heating up on the Syrian border as ISIS troops close in on the town of Kobane. Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga soldiers were able to gain access to the besieged city on Thursday to gain intelligence necessary to prepare further movements in the region.

The arrival of the heavily armed Peshmerga troops was seen as a sign of unity amongst the Kurds. The fight against ISIS in the region is seen as more than just a struggle for human rights, but for the Kurdish people as a whole. The Kurds are a people that have been without a country for thousands of years, so fighting across international borders to protect their people is not an unusual concept for them.


The Peshmerga movement was well received as it moved through Turkish territory en route to Kobane, as crowds gathered to cheer and wave flags for the soldiers. Small skirmishes broke out between ISIS and Kurdish forces as the Islamic militants attempted to force their way into the city through the north. This attempt was foiled by the local militia however, according to British news outlets.

If the Peshmerga plan to secure Kobane they must move quickly, as reinforcements for ISIS are already known to be on their way from Syria.

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