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The Giant icebergs of Florida have become a dessert of ice

The oceanic icebergs off the Atlantic coast, have become desserts reaching the South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. This seems to be like the Ice Age which keeps changing its formations and places.  A similar example, could be taken about 20,000 years ago, when the huge lakes covered with water is now known as Canada. These lakes were held in by the ice dams.

Similarly, huge ice bergs broken into pieces carried itself through these lakes, the lakes as big as the size of a Caspian Sea. These collections moved parallel along the Atlantic coast and reached towards the South Florida.

This research is published in the journal named; Nature Geoscience. The study will certainly change the perception of scientists towards the understanding of global warming, ocean currents and melting of icebergs.

These icebergs once protected Florida and many surrounding areas from the storms and weather changes

These icebergs once protected Florida and many surrounding areas from the storms and weather changes

The author of the journal and a marine scientist – Jenny Hill mentioned a statement; “The mechanisms of climate change and ocean currents are more complex than we previously thought. It helps us understand how future ice sheet melt from Greenland may affect global climate.”

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