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28 people killed by militants in Kenya

A group of about 20 militants belonging to the Somalian extremist group al-Shabab, seized control of a bus in northeastern Kenya and killed 28 passengers brutally. All the dead passengers were non-Muslims and 9 of them were women. The group later claimed in a radio announcement that they killed the passengers in retaliation of police raids on mosques in Mombasa.
The bus was travelling towards Nairobi when it was ambushed by the militants 50 km from the town of Mandera, situated near Kenya’s border with Somalia. All 60 passengers in the bus were forced to get off, and then they were separated into two groups; Muslim and non-Muslim.
They then ordered the non-Muslim passengers to get on the bus again after which they attempted to drive off with the bus. However, the bus got stuck and the militants executed the prisoners and escaped back to Somalia.
The al-Shabab group has close links to al-Qaeda and has been responsible for 135 attacks in Kenya since 2011 when Kenya sent troops to Somalia to stamp out insurgency by al-Shabab. On Saturday the Kenyan military claimed that they killed 45 rebels when their aircraft bombed a Shabab camp in Somalia.

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