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Amidst Yemeni chaos, senior political party leader gets killed

After just one day of the signing of agreement for new government formation to diffuse of political tensions, Yemen’s Liberal party leader Dr. Mohamed Abdelmalik al-Motawakal was shot dead by unknown gunmen near his house.

The leader was from the Union of Popular Forces party and supported the Houthis. However he was against the violence by the Houthi Militant Force which aggravated chaos by force. The killing was carried out by two gunmen on a motorbike and is another in the middle of the spate of targeted killings in Yemen recently.

The Houthis are the current power group in Yemen who had captured the capital Sanaa in the middle of utmost political turbulence. The Zaydi Houthi movement, also known as Ansar Allah condemned the killing blaming the government for the same.

untitledDr. Mohamed Abdelmalik al-Motawakal was not only a well-known and respected leader but also a well-known author and rights activist. Founder of the Nasserite party and a college professor, he had participated in many liberation movements and worked for human rights and democratic freedom.

The killing might invoke further tensions in the country. Already there are reports of the killing of 20 Yemen militants and al Qaeda militants in the country’s western province. It needs to be seen how the government manages to bring back some peace into this conflict driven country.

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