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Baghdad bombed on occasion of Ashoura

Thousands of Shiite pilgrims from across the world gather on the occasion of Ashoura, which falls on November 4, this year, in Karbala, 80 km south west of Baghdad. People gather round to observe mourning rituals commemorating the struggle of Imama Hussein, the grandson of Prophet Mohammad for struggle of truth against falsehood.

The recent bombings however, turned the occasion into a hell hole where at least 23 people have died. The bombings have been carried out by the Islamic State Group which has claimed due responsibility for the same. Both the car bomb attacks were targeted towards the Shiite pilgrims and their tents who were on their way to Karbala. 139308121440294213993383

It is a common phenomenon to see the Sunni insurgents attack the Shiite sect in this festival of mourning which they consider to be the “biggest infidel event”. The Islamist State Group militants control the major portion of the country after the receding of the US troops in 2011.

The bombings happened in spite of the Iraqi government’s deployment of tight security and intelligence members to protect the pilgrims. The governor of Karbala district expects the number of pilgrims to go up this year considering the past successful military operations by Iraqi forces. But with the recent bombings and killing, it will have to possible look into the security measures taken and a different stand to ensure a more peaceful event.

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