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Chief of police in Kabul narrowly escapes assassination

A suicide bomber wearing a police uniform came within inches of assassinating Gen. Mohammad Zahir Zahir, the police chief of Kabul. He was able to pass through several layers of heavy security and infiltrate the police headquarters with apparent ease because of the police uniform he wore.


The police headquarters has a very tight security, with concrete blast walls, manned turrets and guards armed with heavy machine guns. In order to get into the main building, a person has to go through metal detectors, x-rays and body searches at several checkpoints.

The suicide bomber was stopped before entering the chief’s room and he detonated the explosives he was wearing. The police chief was not in his office at that time but Yassin Khan, the chief of staff of Gen. Zahir was killed and six more people were injured. The matter is under investigation now and it has been confirmed that the bomber was a Taliban militant.

This incident was a huge breach of security and clearly shows how vulnerable Kabul is to Taliban incursions especially now that most US and NATO forces are either leaving the country or are shifting to training and support role. This incident has also raised concerns that the country’s security and intelligent forces might have been infiltrated by Talibani insurgents.

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