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Death Toll of Sunni tribe on the increase

In yet another incidence members of the ISIs have said to kill member of the Al Bu Nimr tribe in In Iraq’s Anbar province. This was a public massacre which also had women and children as a part of this public outrage.
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With this the death toll of the people executed ahs gone upto 322 in the recent months. The ISIS is on a spree of removing all members of this tribe and not keep anything of them. The Al Bu Nimr is known for its fighting skills. They had stood up against the Saddam Hossain government during his rule. Now they are fighting to take back the town of Hit, in Al Ga’oud.

Sheikh Naim al-Gaoud says that the massacres will only increase in the coming months. He has said that the tribe is not receiving any support from the Iraqi government and they themselves have run out of arms and ammunition.
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The Iraqi Sunni tribes have been a major reason for stalling the progression of ISIS militants. Their main strength lies in the ability to access areas which cannot be touched by air strikes and ground forces. Their main objective now is to take over the city of Hit back from the ISIS at any cost. With the massacres and killing across the various parts of the country the death toll of the Iraqis is almost 1273.

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