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Drone strike kills several suspected militants in North Waziristan in Pakistan

Another US drone strike killed 5 suspected militants in Pakistan. After no drone attack in the first 6 months, the attacks have now become more frequent. This was the 20th drone hit this year. According to a militant as well as a government official, 5 militants died in the airstrike.

The drones targeted a house in the Afghan border where the militants were said to be hiding. According to the militant, all five who died were Pakistani fighters. As usual, Pakistan has condemned the drone strike. The authorities view this hits as a breach of ethics and a challenge to Pakistan’s sovereignty.

But many people think that unwillingly or not, the Pakistani military has given their approval to this drone strikes because while the government was trying to negotiate with the insurgents, the drone attacks were completely halted. And they started up with renewed intensity only after Pakistan’s military itself launched an aggressive mission against the Taliban in the North Waziristan region.

The area has been declared a military zone and as such civilians had been asked to evacuate to safer regions and journalists are barred entry, so the exact situation in the area is a matter of speculation. However, many say that most who have died in the drone attacks are militants, and a few civilians have died in the attacks as well.

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