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Egypt continues demolition, receives flak from people

The Egyptian troops, with a goal to raze 800 homes and evict 10,000 residents are slowly nearing the completion of the same. It has cited another two- three weeks to complete the demolition.
The demolition plans were announced last month after the killing of 31 Egyptian troops. The idea behind the demolition was to halt smuggling of weapons and militants across the Gaza border through the tunnels. It will help the troops to clear out a 500 meter buffer zone along the border.

Even though the border is closed but one can see from the other side of the destruction which the troops are carrying out every day. Rafah had been split into the Egyptian and Palestinian towns after the Israel 1978 peace agreement. While the Egyptian side of the border has been closed, the operations are clearly visible from the Gaza border.

However, the evacuation and demolition, in spite of the promises of compensation by Egypt is sparking protests from the people. Most of them have not been compensated and whatever is offered is not enough to suffice for the loss of the people. Protests are on by numerous doctors and patients near the border.
The doctors claim the border to be opened so that the patients can be taken over to the other side or to any other Arabic country for treatment. It is clear that Egypt will not rest till it completes is demolition. But what needs to be seen is how well is compensates those who have lost their homes and also if it allows people to cross over for their basic needs.

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