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Elected new leaders unacceptable to government

The newly elected leaders of the Ukranian province of Doentsk and Luhansk are to be officially sworn in on November 4th. Alexander Zakarchenko, becomes the self-proclaimed leader of the Doentsk republic who won in a landslide victory. Igor Plotnitsky becomes the leader of the Luhansk Republic.

However, both Russian and US government have condemned the process in which the elections were held. The EU also joined them condemning the process and sham. It went against the Minsk ceasefire accord signed in September and was against the basic rules and regulation of any electoral norms.
Ukranina President Mr. Poroshenko expressed concerns saying that this elections could completely turn the entire peace process in the country. Russia’s backing of this illegal elections has made matters worse.

Mr. Poroshenko plans to call a meeting of the Ukraine’s Defence Council. He plans to propose abolishment of law which grants formation of special self-government in areas which are rebel held. This law came into force under the rule of Kiev.

The White House also condemned the elections and said that it did not recognize the leaders elected under these elections. It cited the means of holding this election “extremely questionable”.

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