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France draws attention to Aleppo asking anti IS to save it

Rebels have alsmost taken over half of the town of Aleppo and pushed the government and the militants fighting against them towards to the western side. Almost 300,000 Aleppans are under a siege and are just managing to hold on to for their fight against the destruction caused by the IS militants.
The French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius has requested for the US led coalition to help the rebel hold out against the Damascs regime. He felt certain that the focus should now shift from the city of Kobane to the next biggest Aleppo. This and the rest of Syria is where the focus should be given to help the country.

Paris has come forward to give the weapons and training needed for the to the Free Syrian Army. But they have not taken any steps in the airstrikes in Iraq. In the meanwhile while US uses warplanes to bomb ISIS in different parts of Syria, President Assad also strengthens their campaign around the town of Aleppo.
France has put forth a request to the coalition partners to turn their attention to Aleppo. The foreign Minister has vowed to take steps to ensure that protection of Aleppo’s population in this fight. However he did not mention his plans clearly as to how he wants to achieve them.

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