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Gruesome attack on a Jerusalem Synagogue sees 4 dead

During the morning prayers in a Jerusalem synagogue, two Palestinian men attacked the congregation and killed four people. The two attackers were apparently cousins and they had axes and meat cleavers with them along with a gun. Three of the victims were American and one was British.

The synagogue is located in Har Nof where a large number of English-speaking immigrants reside. All four who died had dual citizenship. Six more people were injured in the attack. The police were at the scene within a few minutes and they were able to neutralize the attackers.

Medics who responded to the scene said they found the victims lying in pools of blood holding prayer books and wrapped in prayer shawls. Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu condemned the attack and held Palestine responsible for the incident.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas denounced the attack at the synagogue and called for calm between the countries even though he has also asked that Jews be barred from visiting the holy shrine known as al-Aqsa mosque to the Muslims and the Temple Mount to the Jews.
Recently, Jerusalem has been a centre of intermittent violence. The disputes over a holy shrine in Jerusalem have only escalated tensions farther.

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