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iQ Power AG: Discover Energy will distribute MIXTECH batteries in South Africa.

iQ Power develops and markets a patented technology for the starter battery. The technology dramatically improves the lifetime, recharging and reliability of the battery at low costs and no negative technical side-effects.

iq power

iq power

Discover Energy International Limited, Hong Kong, announces the shipment of its first inventory of batteries with DISCOVER MIXTECH (utilizing iQ Power’s new generation technology) to Enertec, the company’s Factory Warehouse in South Africa. The batteries will be distributed through Enertec’s established network.
With nearly 8 million registered vehicles on the road, South Africa makes up over 25% of Africa’s total vehicle population, making it a strategically key market in the region from which to showcase DISCOVER MIXTECH technology’s performance in extreme operating conditions. Kevin Loman, Director, Discover Energy International Limited, Hong Kong said, “the African continent is one of the best growth opportunities globally, and already today requires a significant supply of high quality replacement auto parts.” South Africa is the second largest economy on the continent and has one of the largest demands for batteries. Distributors with access to batteries with DISCOVER MIXTECH will gain competitive advantages through their ability to offer benefits and features that are not available with competing products.
Enertec Batteries (PTY) Ltd is a specialist battery company with a staff compliment totaling 168 years of combined battery knowledge, technical capability and sales experience. Enertec has offered customers battery excellence for over 31 years, supporting all of their battery needs through their substantial warehouses and national distribution network. Enertec extensively researches its product range over many years and only offers clients products of the very highest design and quality. Batteries with DISCOVER MIXTECH fit the company’s standard of distributing only the highest quality, uncompromising product.
Discover is a manufacturer and distributor of battery and power related products with strategically located facilities globally, and world leading OEM and aftermarket customers. Discover engineers Clean & GreenĀ® innovative products and operates responsible product life cycle management and recycling programs.
DISCOVER MIXTECH, designed to generate better performance in Start-Stop applications and to meet the growing demands of electronic usage in vehicles today, is the first significant innovation to the flooded starter battery in decades. Automatic mixing of electrolyte inside the battery ensures uniform acid density for higher sustained performance throughout the entire life of the battery. This prolongs plate life by eliminating acid stratification and thermal gradients, delivering greater material utilization for a lower cost per cycle over conventional batteries. The patented technology was awarded the coveted Automechanika innovation award 1st prize in 2010.

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