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Iraqi troops free 2 towns from ISIS control

The attempts of the Iraqi and the Kurdish forces to push back ISIS finally seem to be bearing fruits. They have only recently freed two towns in eastern province which were under ISIS control previously. The Jalula town lies 80 miles in the northeast of Baghdad and Saadiya lies 60 miles to the north. ISIS captured both towns in August.

According to police reports from Diyala province, the Iraqi forces took back control of the towns of Saadiya and Jalula on Sunday after protracted fighting with ISIS militants. The fighting has mostly died down even though there are some occasional skirmishes on the outskirts of the towns. There is no confirmation about the number of deaths on either side however it is being estimated that dozens of insurgents died in the fighting.

Many families had fled the area under the tyranny of ISIS, some of these families have started coming back home. However, it was earlier announced by the provincial police chief that the towns are military zones now and as such the families wouldn’t be allowed in until the towns have been completely purged off the mines and bombs planted in the houses and roads. The militants planted bombs in the roadsides before they left the towns, these bombs are being defused by bomb disposal unit now.

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