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Mossad agent says he was let down by Israel

Amin Abbas al-Hajj was born in Beirut to an important Shia family. He was one of the most effective agents of Mossad. Nicknamed Rummenigge, Amin al-Hajj was a legend in the intelligence circle. He was a daring agent and his lack of scruples made him very well suited to dealing with complex intelligence problems.

During the 1980s Palestine Liberation Organization was gaining a foothold in the Middle East. They had earlier been pushed away from Beirut by Israel Defense Forces. Israeli intelligence found out that the PLO were rebuilding and their fresh recruits were travelling o Lebanon through Cyprus using yachts and small vessels, however it was very hard for Israel to catch all of them because of the sheer number of vessels that travelled between Lebanon and Cyprus.

This is where Rummenigge came in he hired high class prostitutes and developed a huge spy network in Limassol where PLO members hung out. The prostitutes extracted information from these men and passed them to Rumennigge and based on this information, Israel intercepted boats that carried the terrorists. But that was not the only achievement of Rumennigge, he has taken part in some of the most dangerous and highly classified intelligence missions.

This highly accomplished agent is now claiming that he has been left in a lurch by Israel. “Israel’s security establishment has thrown me the dogs,” al-Hajj says in anger. “I’m living in Israel under an expired travel pass, without rights, without medical insurance, with only a few good friends who help me now and then and come to my rescue. They used me, extracted all they could from me, and I gave my heart and soul – and now they’ve tossed me aside like some kind of a rag.”

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