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Polio workers killed in Pakistan by gunman

Two gunmen killed four people who were taking part in an anti-polio campaign in Pakistan. Three of the dead were women and one was a man. The gunmen, who haven’t been identified yet, rode up in a motorcycle and opened fire. The vaccination drive was going on near the town of Quetta, three more people were injured in the attack.

According to a police official in Pakistan the health workers didn’t have a security detail with them. Nobody has claimed responsibility for the attack but it is being assumed that Taliban militants are responsible for the attack as they have targeted health workers earlier.

The polio vaccination campaign was launched in Baluchistan, tight security was also organized. But it seems to have done very little good. Polio is still a big problem in the country and government has often been blamed for being complacent about eradication of the virus. The main reason for the spread of the virus in many parts of the country is the opposition by Taliban insurgents against inoculation.

Taliban consider polio medicine to be a conspiracy to sterilize Muslims, as a result health workers trying to distribute polio vaccine are in constant danger of being attacked.

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