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Release of captives by ISIS raises questions about motive

The Islamic State Militant group has been on a rampage in the Iraqi city for some time. They have been kidnapping people from the streets. The kidnapping came into the forefront when 150 children were abducted during their return from school in Syria.
The school boys belonged to the Syrian town of Kobani and were Kurdish. 50 them escaped and th rest were being released in batches. The Human Rights Watch has been following the Islami State Militant’s activity. They were able to speak to four children who had been held captive by the extremists. The children confirmed abuse, beatings by the militants.
The ISIS further released 93 Syrian Kurds whom they had abducted in February. The abducted were accused by the ISI of being a member of the Kurdish Democratic Party. Government is still trying to figure out the motive behind the releases. Only 4 have been held back who, the ISIS declared will be punished. The Militant group accused them of theft and promised to cut off their right hand as a punishment.

70 more Kurds are still being held captive and it is not known when can one expect their release or in what condition. The Islamic State Militant has increased its assault on the areas around Kobane and in the town itself.

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