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A rocket strike kills 10 in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula

An unfortunate incident killed 10 innocent civilians in the Sinai Peninsula. There were three women and three children among the dead. All of the victims belonged to one family. Their home in the village of Negah Shabana was hit by mortars. It has not been confirmed whether the mortars were fired by the militants who operate in the area or by the Egyptian army who have often targeted militants in the area.

The people who died in the blast are yet to be identified. The area has been in turmoil for a while. The Sinai Peninsula is the stronghold of Ansar Beit al-Maqdis who have announced their pledge to ISIS only a few days ago. They have killed many army and police personnel in the country till date.

Egyptian military has been carrying out operations against these militants and they claimed to have killed hundreds till now. However, these numbers cannot be confirmed as there are no reporters allowed in the area.

Since the army operation started, many families in the area lost their homes and emergency has been declared in the area as well. Egyptian army says that Palestine is helping the militants with arms and ammunition which are smuggled to the country through underground tunnels.

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