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Row over claims on Osama shooting

It has been three years that the al Qaida chief Osama Bin Laden was killed in a planned coupe by the US Navy SEALS. The leader of the Al Qaida group was raided in his then current place at Abbottabad in Pakistan and then later buried at the sea.
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Now three years later there is a small row happening in the Navy SEALS circle as to who had put the final bullet and killed Osama that day. Navy SEALS are under an oath as not to reveal their identity or make any public claims for the work that they do.
The first person to go public with this account was Matt Bissonnette who published the book ‘No Easy Day’ in 2012 under the pseudonym of Mark Owen. Now Robert O’ Neill has claimed to the Washington Post that it was him who had shot the final bullet. Bissonnette had claimed that it was the point man that shot the final bullet. He is also currently being investigated for disclosing potentially classified information in his book.

Senior Special Operation leaders have sent letters to all Navy Seals urging them not to disclose any operational details and avoid taking any public credit. O’ Neill said he decided to come forward with the story after meeting the victims of the September 11 attacks.

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