Shiite’s attacked again in the Ashoura procession

Yet again Shiite’s who were in a procession on the tenth day of Ashoura were attacked by a suicide bomber killing 29 of them. The bomber is set to have placed himself as a part of the procession which was moving around the town of Potiskum in Yobe state. 119 people were wounded in the attack.

Yet again there was an incidence of prison break in central Kogi state. Around 145 prisoners were said to have fled from the prison. The attacks such as these have become quite regular from the Boko Haram group in the country of Nigeria. Boko Haram is an extremist group which is looking at making an all Islamic state and country.
Boko Haram is the follower of the Wahabi School of Islam.

For the last many months it has been on a rampage plundering villages and towns and seizing them. They have successfully planted the balck and white flag od al-Qaida in the Borno and Adamawa states. They are also responsible of the kidnapping of the 200 schoolgirls whom they have claimed have been converted to Islam and married off.

The suicide bombing spurred the onset of police firing which created more chaos and disruption. The APC party blames the current President over the inability to take things in control and provide safety to citizens.

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